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The Alphabetical List


NOTE - Not all of these people were or are openly Gay / Lesbian / Trasgender / Bisexual. Some of them, rather, clearly denied it, and they possibly were sincere. So, this list doesn't affirm anything more than they are presumed (for several historical evidences, or just for rumors) to be Gay / Lesbian / Trasgender / Bisexual or, on their own admission, to have "tried it" at least once, or who are important to GLTB world even if they weren't part of it.


We presume that this is one of the most complete and accurate lists in the Net. We are still verifying the data we have, completing them and looking for documentation about the people named here. Therefore this list will be updated quite often. If you have more data, pictures, or corrections to suggest, please e-mail us at!

You can use any and every data of this list, and also copy all or part of it. In this case we would be really grateful if you put a link to our site in your site. But of course, this is up to you. We will not persecute you legally if you don't!


I have to thank here a dear friend, who is helping me to keep updated this very long list, checking datas and finding pictures.


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