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Noreen Stevens
(1962 - living) Canada

Noreen Stevens



Adoptive mother, and café proprietor; best known as the cartoonist of the long-running and widely-syndicated comic strip The Chosen Family, which is carried in Swerve (Winnipeg) and Xtra! (Toronto).

Noreeen is the former co-owner and manager of Winona's Café, which was Winnipeg's first gay and lesbian café; she and her partner Jill became the first same-sex couple to be able to jointly adopt in Manitoba; in a 2000 Swerve article on queer parenting, she said:

"I think gay men and lesbians who want children - and I include myself in this challenge - should do what most people only give lip service to: care for children in need, without prejudice. If we are truly committed to pushing the family envelope, we must examine and deconstruct some old values and beliefs about our desires for biological connection.

Let's take the 'rejects'. Let's love them, nurture them and learn from them as they blossom-perhaps not in the normal way, but in their own fashion. Imagine: if all the homo freaks adopted all the misfit children, in a a generation or two 'family' and 'diversity' would meant the same thing."


Quote source: Stevens, N., Parenting as a gift to the world, Swerve Dec. 2000, p. 11

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