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Marc Collins-Rector
(1960 - living) U.S.A.

Marc Collins-Rector



Marc changed his name from Mark Rector to Marc Collins-Rector in 1998. In the early 1980s Marc founded Telequest, a Florida-based telecommunications company. In 1984 Marc founded World TravelNet, a company to electronically coordinate cruises and tours and whose affiliate, World ComNet was floated on the Vancouver Stock Exchange in 1987. Its valuation briefly peaked at $100 million before increasing competition led to bankruptcy.

In 1991 Collins-Rector founded ISP Concentric Networks with Chad Shackley, whom he met on an Internet bulletin board. Collins-Rector was 31 at the time; Shackley was just 16. Rector and Shackley sold Concentric in 1995 and, using money raised here and close to $100m of investor and venture capital, in 1996, the pair joined with 18-year-old actor Brock Pierce to launch Digital Entertainment Network, an ambitious attempt to create an Internet-based TV network for 14-to-24-year-olds.

Despite burning through more than $75 million in venture capital, the only people DEN entertained were its employees, who enjoyed generous salaries and legendary parties. Collins-Rector was the Chairman of DEN, which exhausted its funding following a failed IPO bid and collapsed amid allegations that Collins-Rector had sexually abused children, coercing them with drugs and guns.

The trio fled to Marbella, Spain, where they were arrested two years later for possession of child porn. Meanwhile, Collins-Rector was sued in absentia by former teenage male employees who claimed they had been lured to his mansion, drugged, and sexually abused.

Collins-Rector fought extradition proceedings for two years before returning to the United States, where he pleaded guilty to eight charges of child enticement and registered as a sex offender[. Collins-Rector admitted luring five minors across state lines for sexual purposes. He received credit for time that he had served in a Spanish jail. Some of his victims sued in civil court, winning a $4.5 million under a summary judgement.

Media reports claim that Collins-Rector is a silent partner in the MMORPG service company IGE, which was founded by ex-DEN VP Brock Pierce. IGE initially used an address in the city of Marbella, Spain, where Collins-Rector, Shackely, and Pierce shared a villa until it was raided by Interpol in 2002.

According to reports in the November 2007 issue of Radar Magazine, Collins-Rector is in London and may be a silent partner in Internet Gaming Entertainment, a site operated by DEN founder Brock Pierce that sells virtual weaponry to gamers on EverQuest and World of Warcraft.


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