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In our Living Room, we just have some books about interesting subjects, not necessarily gay, and new books will be added soon... So, come and visit again.
Click on the Book cover to read it.
gay marriage egypt lovers Ulrichs priest & acolyte
This Book contains:
  1. Story and images of Saint Segius & Bacchus, patrons of Gay Sacred Unions
  2. Images of Saints Sergius & Bacchus' churches
  3. Text of gay marriage rite
  4. Saints Sergius & Bacchus' passion
  5. Appendix and notes
This Book contains information and pictures about the finding of an Egyptian tomb from the Fifth Dynasty, of two male lovers, Niankh-khnum and Khnum-hotep!
Note: All the material of this book is © of Greg Reeder. His valuable and interesting work can be found at
This Book contains the biography and other information of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895), the precursor of gay rights movements in the modern era.

Year 2000 is the 175th anniversary of his birth.
Please celebrate the anniversary of this great man with us!

This Book contains an old short story of a tragic love between a priest and an acolyte.
It is an extraordinary mixture of ritualism, homosexual love, and homosexual polemic.

The Priest and the Acolyte was said to be the work of Oscar Wilde, but in fact it was written in June1894 by John Francis Bloxam.

poems Famous GLTB faberge manesse
This Book contains a collection of homoerotic poems.
Although not all the authors featured here are gay, these poems clearly have a homoerotic connotation.

We would like to add more poems - please help us to find more, to add them to this book.

In this book we are collecting a list of people who is/was declarately GLTB, or presumed to be so, or who "tried it (at least) once"....

Some of the personnages are illustrated with a biography and with pictures. It is a work in progress. You can help sending us documentation, biographical data or pictures. Thank you.

When we saw for the first time some pictures of one of Fabergé's Imperial Easter Eggs, we fell in love with the masterpiece. Therefore we decided to collect in this book all the Eggs we coul find.

The collection is not really complete, but we think is one of the most complete in the Web... and we hope a day to complete it!

When Andrej was 18, saw some pictures he at once loved. He looked everywere in order to get them, but without luck. Then, 43 years later, he found in the Net the pictures he so much loved, thus he collected in this book all of them.

For the 5th anniversary of the opening of this home, we offer you the Codex Manesse. Enjoy it!

kamon walker jean cocteau edipus
Andrej lived for nine years in Japan, and there he met and loved a joung man, a painter of family crests for kimono. The latter painted for him a small collection of beautiful crests, and now Andrej puts the beautiful paintings on-line for you to enjoy. In this book there is also a short explanation. Please, open it... We fell in love with the paintings of Steve Walker, ant thought of offering you this book. Quest Art, kindly gave us the permission to do it.

You can buy Walker's paintings, a set of his greeting cards, a T-shirt, a magnet, or you can send a free e-card with one of his wonderful paintings, at Quest Art. Part of your money will be given to AIDS organizations.

In this book we are collecting the homoerotic drawings by Jean Cocteau.

Some come from his "Le livre Blanc", others from various sources. If you have more of his drawings, please send them to us... thank you!
For his biography, see the book "Famous GLTB people" in this Living Room, under the letter C of the list.

In this book we reproduce a rare book that was printed in Paris in 1958. It is the story of OEdipus, in French, illustrated by Jean Boullet.

The famous tragedy is not Gay, but the illustrations are for sure homoerotic and really beautiful. We don't share the vision shown in the "prologue" but we love very much the drawings, so we offer them to you.

gloeden shakespeare wilde haring
In this book we are collecting the pictures that von Gloeden shot to the Taormina boys some 100 year ago. We hope to find more of them, soon.

A warning, almost all the pictures portray nudes, even if we think (contrary to the fascists that tried to destroy all the work of von Gloeden) that they cannot be classified as pornography.

In this book we collected all 126 the Sonnets that William Shakespeare wrote for his lover William Hughes, with some comments

We didn't include the Sonnets dedicated to the Dark Lady... But was Shakespeare gay? Who knows... for sure he was at least bisexual, as it is evident from these Sonnets.

This Book contains the whole text of "De Profundis" written while in prison by Oscar Wilde. We really enjoyed reading it, thus we decided to offer it on-line for your enjoement.

The text is illustrade by a set of Oscar Wilde's pictures.

In this book we are collecting the drawings and works of Keith Haring. We also have, at our home, one of his multiples, the "Hearth of Figures", that we love very much.

We collected a chronology of the thirty-one years of life of this artist and of his works and shows. We hope that this book can help you to discover, or to know better, this prolific and wonderful artist.

cadmus tuke pluschow cadmus
In this book we are collecting the works of the painter Paul Cadmus, who disappeared in 1999, aged 94.

We like very much his style, be it the ironic and socially critical of the work of his first years, or the classic style of his last production, influenced by the Italian Renaissance art he met when traveled to Italy and learned the egg-tempera painting of the old artists.

In this book we are collecting the works of the painter Henry Scott Tuke, who lived in the first quarter of past century.

We love his painting, even though boys of this age don't appeal us, but we think that the style of this artist is really sunny and very enjoyable. It is evident that he was a lover of boys, even though we don't have notice about his eventual lovers...

In this book we are collecting the works of the photographer Guglielmo Plüschow, who was the cousin of Von Gloeden.

It is very difficult to find his pictures of boys, as well as data about his life.

See in this book what we succeeded in collecting... and if you have more material, please, send it to us. Thank you.

In this book we are collecting the works of the photographer Vincenzo Galdi, a pupil of Guglielmo Plüschow, and of Gaetano D'Agata, an assistant to van Gloeden.

Galdi, an accomplished photographer, was so preoccupied with the size of the male member that the setting and pose often became a mere backdrop for the exposition of the model's penis.
D'Agata on his side, tried to imitate van Gloeden's work, and is lacking of originality.

cadmus Old Bailey Wilde Trial Crowns
In this book we are collecting the "Alphabet Suit" and the Numerals" designed by the famous designer Erté between 1927 and 1967.

Erté was gay, but this alphabet has more women's drawings than men's ones, or couples.

Besides that, we really love his style and succeeded in collecting all the complete set of images, so tha we can now show thhm to you too.

In this book we collected some of the Old Bailey (London) Proceedings from 1694 to 1910.

They are mainly about the so called "Sexual offences - Sodomy" or about "Thefts" made with the menace of exposing for Sodomy.

They are really interesting, as you can see how things worked for our "ancestors"...

In this book we copied the almost complete transcriptions of the proceedings of the Three Oscar Wilde's Trials, with also drawings, paintings and pictures to illustrate the texts.

We think they are of a real, great, historical interest.

In the Second Trial you can find the famous Wilde's definition of "The Love that dare not speak its name"

When we first saw the Crown Jewels exposed at The United Kingdom in London Tower, we became really fond of them, and expecially of the crowns.

So we decided to collect all the crowns' images and data we were able to find.

The result of our research is shown here in this special book.

Elisarion ex-voto ex-voto
In this book we lead you to a virtual visit to a villa in Minusio, Switzerland, where are collected all the paintings of Elisár von Kupffer.

What we show here are the frescoes of the "Rotonda", a gentle homoerotic set of paintings with the poems that the painter wrote to comment the scenes.

We decided to collect, in this book, a series of naïve ex-voto offered by GLTB people to the Saints of the Catholic Church for various reasons.

We found these popular paintings quite moving, anyway interesting and in some ways poetic. We offer them to you, hoping you are going to enjoy them.

In this book we have gathered all the data regarding the gay movies we have seen and enjoyed up to now.

You will not find here the most famous ones, that everybody already kows, but some minor movies we have found in the net, some really beautiful, others just amusing.

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