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Resources for Teens

We too had been teens with many problems...
Whatever you concern may be, just remember, you are NOT alone.

Coming out to your parents

Coming out

"Coming out to your parents" is a service for the youths, helping them to make a wise decision about the coming out process - some basic questions can help to reflect about the best things to do.
LGBT youth resources

youth resources

"LGBT youth resources"contains a very good list of useful links to helpful sites.
Desert Hope


Desert Hope is a comprehensive residential addiction treatment facility offering five (5) levels of care for adults suffering from addiction. Located in the beauty of the Nevada sands, Desert Hope offers a serene atmosphere for the client to work, reflect, and break free from addiction behaviors. A special section is devoted to "Addiction and Abuse in the LGBT Community".
The Gay Youth Corner


A top international resource, community, profile, and chat website for young gay, bisexual and lesbian people. Working to encourage gay youth to network and gay youth websites to propagate widely and wisely.
!Out Proud!

out proud

!OutProud! is the National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Youth, and serves the needs of young men and women by providing advocacy, information, resources and support. Their goal is to help lesbian, gay and bisexual youth become happy, successful, confident and vital adults. Their website is excellent, and includes links, resources, message area, surveys, and some excellent brochures.
Youth Resource

youth resource

Many of the sites for Teens and Youths of this page are hosted by Youth Resource, like "Virtual Safe Zone", "Person Project", "Safe Teen", "Speak Out!", "Youths Electronic Mail List", "Queer Youth Web Ring", "Campus Links Web Ring". It is a good service to GLBT young people.
Planet Out

speak out

In Planet Out, there is a whole community dedicated to Youth, called Youth State, and many useful links. They have also a search engine very useful for finding gay-youth links.
Elight Magazine


An ezine created by and for gay youth and young adults in cyberspace. It has coming out stories, writings, poems, personals, rant and rave, quotes...
If you are a writer, you can contribute.
Oasis Magazine


Oasis Youth, the home of Oasis, the online magazine for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. Each month, Oasis brings you news and entertainment written by and about queer youth. It's a desert out there, so come to the Oasis!
Youths Electronic Mail List

youths mail list

It is an outlet for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, and straight supportive youth ages 25 and UNDER to talk with each other concerning such issues as coming out, schools, parents, friends, relationships, and other gay-related and non-gay-related youth issues.
The three email lists (YOUTH13-17, YOUTH17-21, and YOUTH21-25) is the first of their kind to offer a conversational/chat/support youth group in an email form. The email lists solve some problems that newsgroups, IRC, and chat rooms have. Email is quick, easy, convenient, and the most accessible. Not everyone knows how to subscribe to newsgroups, or to enter chat rooms, or even have the access capability to do so. But anyone with an email address can have access to this new list.
Queer Music Heritage

queer music heritage

A beautiful site with lot of information about GLTB Musicians and their music. Really worth a visit. Several pictures and data about these artist in our "Famous GLTB" pages, come from this site. (Thank you, JD!)
Gay Madrid

Gay Madrid

Another very informative guide especially for young people. You can find there not only the information for gay life, but also some very useful information on the sightseeing, museums and nightlife in Madrid, Spain.
Teen Military Schools

Teen Military Schools

Teen military school is an institution for helping troubled youth and serves many different purposes for teens throughout the country.
Therapist and Drug Rehabs

TherapistUnlimited is a National directory of centers and counseling services for those seeking help with family and marriage counseling, or treatment for substance abuse, mental and physical disorders, and more.
If there are other sites you'd like to submit to us, please send the URL (and possibly a short description and a small logo, if you can) to Thank you.

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Resources for Adults

questions from parents Coming out as gay or lesbian: common questions from parents
(click on the logo)
Apollo Network Supporting your lgbt child
(click on the logo)
Apollo Network Gay Chat

Gay chat and dating for gay singles.

Apollo Network Apollo Network

An information site for older gay men. If you have questions about your being gay or bisexual, here is a place to look for answers.

enterGAYment EnterGAYment

A very wide list including everything related to the GLBT community, with links to sites with legal resources, shopping, travel, and a lot more.

oasis The Gay Resource

This is a great resource for everything related to the GLBT community, with links to things like legal resources, shopping, travel, and a lot more.

Bi Men Network Amnesty International - LGBT
As a grassroots international human rights organization, AI has a particular and useful role to play in locating LGBT rights in the consideration of human rights generally, not as special rights, but as fundamental rights ensured to each and every member of society, AI has also provided valuable support to lesbian and gay human right defenders, who are among those under threat.
Human Rights Campaign Human Rights Campaign
Bi Men Network Bi Men Network
World's largest social & support organization for bisexual, bi-curious & gay adult men & bi couples - free. Now over 1/4 million active members!
Man Queue Gay Search A powerful search engine for everything and anything regarding GLTB - gay artists, painters, photographers, writers, comics, organizations, personals sites, movies, and lot more.
Gay Art Directory

Only the best!

Directory for gay artists, painters, photographers, writers, male models, gay search engine, portal, organizations, personals sites, lesbians, bears and businesses.
QE Movies

QE movies

If you love movies, you can find on this site a great number of links with several kind of sites devoted (totally or partially) to movies, mainly with "queer" content. Really worth a visit.


A very useful site, with links organized both for subjects and for region. Well organized and easy to navigate.
TN area naturist

TN area naturist

If you like naturism, here is a site in Tennessee (where Matt and Andrej lived once) with good links. We love Tennessee, and also this site, nicely built.
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gay


A great Association helping parents and friends of GLBT to understand and accept... Here you can find several very useful and interesting brochures, articles. PFLAG has also several local chapters.
Brian's Beat The owner of this website is one of the multitude of 'un-sung heroes' in Canada's gay and lesbian communities who have lived their lives openly and honestly as the women and men they really are! A helpful site with lot of good documentation.
The Other Queer Page

click here

A site dedicated to lot of good GLBT links (also to this home page...)
The International Gay & Lesbian Review

click here

The purpose of The IGLR is to provide as many abstracts and reviews as possible of books that relate to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Studies.
People With a History


A Webpage presenting history relevant to GLTB people, through primary sources, discussions, and images. It is part of an incredibly wide and interesting set of history websites made with care and academic reliability.
The Nifty Archives


A huge and growing collection of erotic stories, not only gay, even if this link is to the gay list, where Andrej posts his stories. They are completely free, but be careful! Most of them are just porno, but quite a few are very good...
If there are other sites you'd like to submit to us, please send the URL (and possibly a short description and a small logo, if you can) to Thank you.

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A list of Interesting and Useful Sites

My Gay Online
A Gay Blog....Just Two Gay Women Giving Our Opinions...Very Exciting Stuff
LGBT Religious
Community Gospel Church
Casa De Cristo
Freedom In Christ Evangelical Church
The Fellowship of Jesus and Mary
Adoption Quest & Issues
Lesbian Moms
National Adoption Center
on Biology and
Homosexuality and Biology
Mirror Twins
Studies in Biology
for Gay Parents
Are we Child Molesters?
Are gay men good fathers?
Gay Dad's Mailing List
Parenting Options for Same-Sex Couples in the U.S.
Family: Marriage,
Parenting and
Marriage in Medieval Times
Searching for a Partner?
Partners Task Force>
Coming Out Brochures
Coming Out Stories
Information for
Gay Men
Gay Dads
Men Can Stop Rape
Information for
Lesbian Women
Lesbian Organization
and Crossdressing
Trans Faith
Health Issues
and Concerns
If there are other sites you'd like to submit to us, please send the URL (and possibly a short description and a small logo, if you can) to Thank you.

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