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Set in an Eastern land far away. On a cool late summer evening passing by some tall trees and an old yet well-maintained cabin, two lovers meet along the bank of a river near by. Mickal the older of the two and soldier to the monarch must leave for battle to fight the rivals of the dynasty thus protecting the land as well. This is the last time he will see Robin, his one true love alone...before heading for battle into a future unknown, the two whisper to each other trying in every prevent the day from dawning...the day leading many other days...keeping them apart. Galahad.

Whispering Lovers...

Mickal: Why so glum my love are you; why the fear in your beautiful eyes,
Where's that smile which brightens up my days, far more than the sunniest skies.
Speak my love to me do speak; of words my heart shall always treasure,
A love so pure and true as ours, no man on this great earth can measure.

Robin: Yes my dearest! Love of mine... what you say is so true indeed,
As much as I try to hide my fears, you so well my eyes can read.
I fear for your very life my love, and the life that we both share,
Should anything happen to you my dear, this tragedy I can never bear.

Mickal: Hush now my sweet, don't you weep; this tragedy to pass shall not come,
I'm one of the bravest you know me well, so cheer up now, don't be so glum.
Do come closer rest your head on my shoulder, let my arms hold you tight,
Let me touch you, let me kiss you; let me caress you throughout this long night.

Robin: Happy am I to know you want me, as much as I want you now more than ever,
Yes! Love me my sweet; make love to me, promise me you'll leave me never.
Hold me close your body next to mine, let your lips make their way to mine,
Kissing me gently my love part my lips, and let me taste your tongue so fine.

Mickal: Gladly will I kiss you my love your lips to me taste like the sweetest wine,
Happily will I part your lips and let you taste my luscious tongue so fine.
And after doing this many a time my eyes long for your innermost beauty,
My hands let them reach for your robe and simply do their very own duty.

Robin: In flames am I on hearing this my body burns at your touch while your doing this,
Your lips on my skin your tongue in my mouth is like reaching out to heated bliss.
Your hands around my waist undo my robes letting them fall down my side,
Standing bare in front of you my nakedness I cannot cover even if I tried.

Mickal: Ah! Yes at last my eyes are happy along with the rest of my person whole,
The sight of your fine body in front of me excites me beyond any control.
The softness and fairness of your skin, radiates brightly even at night,
Like lilies blooming at the dawn of spring, under the brightest sunlight.

Robin: Oh! When you speak this way about me, I tend to shy away even from you,
And my fingers travel along your waist, ridding your robes away from you.
Dropping your robes aside from you, you nakedly move much closer to me,
You take me into your arms once again, there's no other place I'd rather be.

Mickal: Your eyes so gentle, your lips so sweet, your curious tongue when our lips meet,
Your silky dark hair, slender shoulders so neat, wide-open arms ready to greet.
The pink of your nipples, the curve of your buns, inviting me to take pleasure,
An award for me between your legs, along with two rubies my pricey treasure.

Robin: And you my love to me are finer still, your copper skin glows so bright,
Your muscles are firm and large in size, flaunting your bravery and might.
With eyes like gems, your lips delicious your tongue is juicy to me,
Your arms holding me close, your hands caress, making me safe and free.
Your shoulders, your thighs so broad and strong a warmth I always feel,
With a brawny chest bearing sweet raisins for nipples them I like to feel.
Round taut buttocks, like huge well done loaves always enjoyed by me,
Below a dark dense bush between your thighs, lie my hot favourites you see.

Mickal: Oh! My love how you amuse me by your descriptions of me,
You hold me in high regard, your love for me I sure can see.
Kissing your lips your neck, or nibbling gently at your ear,
Pulling you still closer to me, your moans I want to hear.
My lips on your chest over your nipples my tongue and lips,
Hearing you softly groan, I press myself against your hips.
Your hands move from around my neck, fingers down my back,
I move my hands from around your waist, fingering your crack.

Robin: Ah! Yes go one my love; do to me what you want what you will,
Enter me my love with your massive firmness, your seed into me fill.
Let me be on my knees; let my mouth ready and wet your long fat member,
Let me pull the hood back; and lick and suck, for you a lifetime to remember.

Mickal: That no doubt is a good plan indeed, my love you think quite like me,
I want to be in your mouth for sure, feeling you taste the intimate me.
Put your lips upon my head; your tongue on the eye that winks at you,
Roll your mouth along my length, and taste my wetness seeping through.

Robin: Yes my sweet you are so right, the taste of you I seem to relish the most,
Like your wetness in my mouth, the pleasure I give you forever I can boast.
I'm somehow afraid love as I spread my legs, remembering my time the first,
Will it still hurt my sweet; if so be gentle or I may quite possibly burst.

Mickal: Fear not my gentle love; unto you I will never bring pain or harm o love of mine,
It will not hurt as much as the first time, your cherry I took making you mine.
And if it should hurt do let me know, slower and gentler then into you I shall go,
Caressing you from within, my hot wet hardness seems to want more and more.

Robin: Oh! My love I like you agree, I want you more and more deep inside of me,
Be gentle, careful as you make your way in, hurt me not once in nor tear me.
My legs high above your shoulders, my most intimate place for you awaits,
Knock once knock twice before you enter, be gentle in opening up the gates.

Mickal: Worry not my dear love; softly and gently, my hands shall open the pearly gates,
My fingers I shall use caressing your hole, to enter my massive hardness waits.
That hole so soft with my tongue I tease, tasting its sweetness it opens with ease,
Guiding my member its head slips in with moistness I begin further in to squeeze.

Robin: Ah yes plunge deeper into me my love, the hurt I have learnt so well to bear,
Place your hands on my chest so fair; fondle my pink nipples now erect with care.
Take me my love my body so hot, in positions in ways many more than just one,
I feel the great coolness of the plums in your sack slapping against me having fun.

Mickal: Oh how right you are my sweetest love, how right you are about my feelings true,
Feeling the velvety softness within my member seems unwilling to let go of you.
I thrust myself in and out in slow and fast yet gentle strokes while filling you up,
Now I cannot hold back any longer into you I empty the hot juices from my cup.

Robin: Oh yes my love you've done me proud, you've done me well without any doubt,
Your seed you left within me, a part of yourself now lives inside of me and out.
Hold me in your arms as long as you can, stroke my nakedness with your hand,
Press your body against me love, as we lie together on the warmth of the sand.

Mickal: I shall do what you desire my love, as your desires like mine are just the same,
Promise me only me you will always love, in you shall always burn my flame.
Even though we'll be apart for days on end, let no other man dare defile you,
Promise me you'll wait for only me, I know like our love you to me are true.

Robin: Worry yourself not my sweet; fear not, think not of such petty thoughts dark,
your back turned away from me you are, not a fingerprint on me any shall mark.
Remember the moment we just shared, your seed within me will always linger,
Kissing caressing licking fondling, teasing my tender hole open with your finger.

Mickal: You make a good point my true gentle love, this moment I will always remember,
The sight of your beauty, soft pink nipples, curve of your buns and thick member.
The taste of your lips your tits and hole is just as sweet as the juice from your loins,
Your juice in my mouth happily lingers, as it with my heart soul and mind joins.

Together we stand side by side, on this day we vow to each other,
To love and to cherish always, carefully looking out for one another.
Like in body we are one, in heart soul mind and spirit forever true,
So shall we love and live for each other, until our lives pass through.


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