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I dedicate to you this poem, Andrej, and to your partner Matt as you both are a good example indeed... an inspiration for many. Most of all for our "growing gay community" you guys make us! Galahad.

Midnight Meeting

I was walking along the shore one night,
of a silhouette, up ahead, I did catch sight.
The further I walked, much nearer I got,
turning this silhouette, into man in deep thought.
And as I came near I stood still with fear,
this man stood tall not knowing I was near.
With his gaze fixed on the night water calm,
dressed in a long cape, this man incapable of harm.
He uncovered his head; his long hair blew free,
he turned his head, and looked gently at me.
His eyes sparkling like the brightest sun,
melting hearts with his smile, simply everyone.
His face shaming even the most beautiful moon,
his name I wanted to know, as quick as soon.
And as he spoke sweetly, asking me nearer to tread,
he stretched out his arm and only me he led.
With my hand in his and standing shoulder together,
his presence making me feel as light as a feather.
His warmth gave me courage; his eyes gave me strength,
thus making me speak out, all my troubles at length.
With moments of silence, and lots of crying in between,
he was the kind of man am sure have never seen.
Then finally he spoke and shedding light, on the matter,
told me to have faith, or everything will shatter.
Soon turning around, and after drying every tear,
told me I'd always have him, I've nothing to fear.
Facing each other, and into his arms he took me,
being in them made me safe, and once again free.
And so while smiling, our farewells we bade,
I thanked him over and over, for being my aide.
I was heading back home, awaiting a new morn,
I turned around once more, and my dear new friend was gone.
As I go on with each day, always; with my friend in thought,
I can never seem to thank him enough, for the happiness he has brought.


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