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A symmetric poem by North Country Girl

foreplay & afterglow

He lowers his head, black silk hair is flowing
Barely touching lips while a soft wind's blowing
Hair's mangling while lips are meeting
Passion overflow and nearly forgetting breathing
Hands are grasping the other's skin
Sweat is showing, breath's getting thin
Shirts and pants are falling to the ground
Finally enjoying what they've found
Groping the treasure
Receiving pleasure
Feeding some
Getting some
Come down from the pleasure
Admiring their treasure
Realizing what they've found
Let themselves sink to the ground
Sweat is flowing, breath's still thin
Hands are caressing the other's skin
Afterglow overflow and now beginning breathing
Hair's connecting and lips are meeting
Barely touching lips while the soft wind's blowing
He raises his head, tears are flowing.

© 2001 North Country Girl
Rügen - Germany


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