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Poem sent to Andrej by E.H.G.
dedicated to his lost lover

Journey's Respite

You've departed this Earthly stage,
A painful incarnation now time past,
now I'm just a lonely member of this terrestrial cast.

Shrouded by a Divine Vail,
which I cannot pierce

Oh! To realize and be allowed to see,
that Astral place where you'll be.
Your Spirit everlasting indestructible it be,
with our Lord without a doubt,
there you'll be,
there you'll be.

With our Lord without a doubt,
in love and peace and blissful light.
Yes with our Lord in tranquil peace,
there you'll be,
there you'll be.

'Til that day,
Salvation Divine,
together again,
with the Lord our Spirits will soar,
with the Lord our Souls aware,
in everlasting peace and blissful rest,
our Love selfless and eternal,
there we will be,
there we will be.

'Til that day,
I'll live my best,
until my rest.
When I despair,
and your love I must have,
I'll look to my heart,
for there you'll be,
yes there you'll be.

Remembrance of hugs and joy,
and visions of your smiles,
in my heart they will be.
'Til we're together again,
in harmony with Him,
then there we will be,
yes there we will surely be.

Forever My Love,
My Love Forever.

Dedicated to James Biondo 12/14/70 - 7/12/98
"a Beautiful Heart - a Loving Son, Brother and Friend"
by E.H.G. 10/98


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