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Poem sent to Andrej by Gregg (Taz)
dedicated to his lover

Love is...

Love is being together
to the one I Love with
all my Love
Love is taking your hand and
not caring where we go, as
long as it's together.

Love is tenderness and understanding
Love is sharing the secrets of our souls.
Love is missing you, even before you leave.
Love is a way of kissing without touching.
Love is being together

Love is dreaming wild, impossible dreams
together, and knowing that it doesn't really
matter if they never come true

Love is what makes everything beautiful and
uncomplicated when we're together.
Love is a warm welcome, regardless of the hour.
Love is sharing and caring and trusting.
Love is feeling like the luckiest man in the world

Love is needing each other.
Love is knowing you won't ever let me down
Love is a whisper...a touch...a question...the sunrise
...and sunset...the morning dew
My Love, Love Is You.


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