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Poems sent to Andrej by G. Widdifield
a lover of his soul

Lovers That Never Meet

One day a story I did read, my heart it did aspire
To find the one who touched my soul and filled it so with fire.
Within his tale I found great love, so to him, this I did write.
I am a lover of your soul, and then with much delight.
He writes that I can be his friend, but my heart wants so much more.
I wish to be a part of him, a part he will adore.
I know that we shall never meet, still lovers we could be.
Each letter would be a sweet caress, his words a kiss for me.
In letters we could commune, our thoughts and love to share.
No physical disappointments, for I am here and he is there.
Only our two souls, shall meet, just by the written word.
In my heart a song of love is sung, for him only, to be heard .

Our bodies touch, and I'm on fire. I feel a surge of hot desire.
I feel your hands, your sweet caress, that loving touch of tenderness.
Oh yes the fire within me burning, says take me, take me, end this yearning.
Take my body and my sole, I'm yours, I'm yours; yours to control.
You fill me with such ecstasy, I wish your love eternally.
My body melts to your sweet touch, I need you, want you oh so much.
Love me, love me, ease my desire, release me from this burning fire.
And when my passion is done and spent, let me lie in sweet content,
Cradled in your loving arms, far away, from a world of harms.
I feel such peace from my release, a world of pure serenity.
Let us love not just today but through all eternity.

In my Eyes

Come and gaze into my eyes, the windows of my soul
You will see the one who's me, the heart you do console
If in me, yourself you see, it's that I have placed you there
That I may have all your tenderness and gentle loving care
Look also then, to my parted lips, awaiting your sweet kiss.
They beckon to the touch of yours, as it would be pure bliss
All things to you, do I surrender, your wish is my command.
So totally have you conquered me, please lead by the hand
Into the realm of passionate love, that we may linger there.
Enjoying each others sweet caress, our bodies we will share.
do not you desire me, Oh my dearest one, as I so desire you
Then let hearts and bodies join as one, and not remain as two.

My soul was given me at birth, it is the measure of my worth.
Each day It's grown throughout my years.
It knows my longings, my dreams, my fears.
I feed it beauty, of any kind, each shining treasure from my mind
A sun lit day, a starry night, it dines on them with much delight.
Each kindly word, each smile, each kiss, fills it's need of tenderness.
I feel it growing deep within, a place that's free of mortal sin.
Free of greed, of pride, and lust. I keep it pure, and true, and just.
I fill my soul with love for man, and freely give to whom I can.
If love is given in return, It makes my soul more brightly burn.
A little light in this vast space more brightly shines with each embrace
And so I guard it carefully, till comes the day that it's set free.
A light to shine in the dark vast sea, the place that's called eternity.

What Worth am I

What worth am I! What worth am I! Oh dear lord please hear my cry!
If I have no worth then let me die.
If I have nothing left to give, then why this life do I still live?
Let others look within my soul to see the needs to make me whole.
Let them take any part of me to keep me in their memory.
My love is there for all to take, just return their love lest my heart break.
A kind word or gentle smile will make my life to seam worth while.
I know that I do not always please and this I ask on bended knees.
Forgiveness for my faults and sins, let them see we are all alike within.
Let them see that love indeed, is all the soul will ever need.
It makes me feel that I have worth, that I do belong right hear on earth.

The Gift

The gift of love that fills my soul, is given from above.
The peace and joy sent from our lord, his messenger the dove.
He offers his forgiveness, for all my mortal sin.
He asks only in return, that I should take him in.
His wish to dwell within my heart, my body and my mind.
How can I not, accept his gift, so generous and so kind.
His promise of salvation, I accept with all my heart.
I ask that he, will join with me, and forever be a part
If comes the day, that I should stray, away from him to far.
He will come to fetch me back ,and be my guiding star.
He will lead me, through my days, and when this life I leave.
He will guide me to his home, my hand upon his sleeve.
To dwell with him forevermore, my soul will be content.
I thank you god, for your son my lord, and precious gift he sent.

Young love

Love is young, how wonderful, to look through child eyes.
To see the beauty of the soul, and not one's aged disguise.
A balding head nor wrinkled face, is not within your stare.
You look beyond, into the heart, to find a love to share.
Too sad, when you are older, your sight begins to fade.
You look for love and beauty, in one's physical facade.
Your search for gorgeous body, and not within the soul.
Love is blind, so what you seek, can not make you whole.
Somewhere the power have you lost, to see so deep within.
Truth, beauty, and a loving heart, lay far beneath the skin.
Your passion and your desire, are but two elements of love.
To find your perfect partner your must ask the one above.
If one day, through clear eyes, a true love you should see.
Reach right out, take my hand, your true love could be me.


Today is now, this very moment, yesterday is the past,
tomorrow is still tomorrow, so tend to things that last.
We cannot live in yesterday, nor tomorrow, that is sure.
So live today for today, with smiles of joy and rapture.
Plan for your tomorrow's, may they be as you do wish.
But savor each morsel of today, as it were a tasty dish.
Greet your friend and neighbor with a hardy smile hello
give kind and sympathetic word, to someone feeling low.
Live the day by golden rule, and tomorrow you will see
all that you have done today will come right back to thee.


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